The Nightmares of Motown

The year is 2011, the white council is in chaos, and the future of the world, as you know it, has become uncertain.

Crime is rampant in the motor city, with some criminals not being as obvious as others. People are constantly disappearing off the streets, but the authorities simply write it off as them 'going elsewhere for a fresh start' so nothing is being done about it. 

There are rumors around those in the supernatural 'know' that say the Black Court is making a rise in the streets of the Motor City, but few people believe the them. Afterall, the Black Court is too fragmented to have any hierarchy, even after the 100+ years since Bram Stoker's definitive work, Dracula, was published.

Are you one of those willing to stand against the darkness that threatens to overwhelm Motown, or will you too stand aside and let the forces of evil overrun your home, your country, your world?

This campaign is run using the Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat Productions, which is based on the Fate system by the same company. 

This campaign/story is taking place after the Harry Dresden Files book #12, Changes.  If you don't want spoilers, you may wish to avert your eyes and not read the case files being presented here.

Detroit in the Dresdenverse

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