Detroit in the Dresdenverse

Awakening the Red

October 31st, 8:50am
Cynthia Blackthorn entered the Crazy Wisdom on John R in Madison Heights first thing in the morning, only to find that both of the college aged workers dead on the floor from gunshot wounds similar to ones from her cop issue gun, and the proprietor (Diane) missing. The Crazy Wisdom is the Madison Heights branch of the Ann Arbor based Occult bookstore/tea shop which is accorded neutral ground in the Metro Detroit area. The shop is officially open only 9-5, but the store is never locked. The safe was open and the money is still present.

Lars, Bearwalker, Glen, and Hattori all arrived shortly after Cynthia & found her investigating the bodies. Bearwalker, using The Sight, “saw” that something “something dark” was removed from the safe without much bulk which was about 8” long. Bearwalker and Hattori went upstairs (here Diane lives) and Hattori went in and got a hairbrush. As they came back downstairs the police began to arrive in front, and Bearwalker headed to the back, where someone who had hidden from previous searches of the back room then opened up on Bearwalker with a cop-issue pistol. Bearwalker mostly dodged the shots, and Hittori quickly pinned the attacker against the wall and Lars came and beat him down while Bearwalker pretty much ineffectually batted at him. The gun had no markings, never had them, not removed. Bearwalker then ducked out the back under a veil and Cynthia used her almost supernatural understanding of cops (fate point) to insure that they parked such that they didn’t observe Bearwalker leaving.
Bearwalker spent an hour tracking Diane thaumatergically, while the others were answering police questions. Bearwalker traced her to inside the loop of Pontiac, and then remembered that every three years someone died at Erebus, so Bearwalker started watching the area and got on a pay phone to Hattori. Hattori let the others know and the crew headed out for Erebus.

They arrived and Team Goodguys broke into Erebus from a side door using magic. We searched Erebus floor by floor, finding no staff, even though the place should be opening any moment. On the top floor we found a young red court vampire with Diane flensed open in front of him missing organs, with fluid running down his neck. He talked to Cynthia as if they were old friends, but we fought him, big shock! Bearwalker blasted him with a hankie full of sunlight, but he held it together after being whacked by a sword, be blasted and being shot, and then fled out of the room. We found that the sacrificial knife he was using was the dark object from the safe. We called 911 and waited with Diane trying to keep her alive almost until the paramedics arrived, then we cut out and followed the vampires. We found the staff down in a basement tunnel accessing the sewers, unconscious, drugged out on vampire spit, fed upon, and two of them turned into half-vampires. Bearwalker recommended killing the two unconscious half-vampires, but they actually started to wake up then and attacked Bearwalker and Lars and were quickly put down by the crew.

Rather than persue the vampire into the sewers as Bearwalker and Glen proposed, the rest of the team wanted to go up and follow him on the surface. Team Goodguy went to their cars and drove south following the vampire thaumatergically, but we overshot and lost him somewhere in Birmingham. At the same time, Lars seems to have not joined us in Birmingham. As we returned to Birmingham we passed Tess in Birmingham and she joined up with us as we stopped and tried to figure out what to do (approx 2 pm).

Cynthia suggested talking with Jack Taco who lived nearby and as we talked Bearwalker saw that the closed-circuit cameras were watching us. Bearwalker hexed the four nearby down, and then the crew approached the kingpin’s gate. The guard at the gate talked with Cynthia primarily but the rest of us pitched in with some pretty stupid comments. We mentioned to the guard that we wanted to talk to the crimelord because there is a competitor that could be moving into his territory, and asked if he was into the occult. He turned us away, thinking Tess was a religious nut. As we walked toward the nearest sewer opening, Michael McKeown, a servant of Jack Taco called Cynthia and told her to wait. So we waited a few minutes and then he called back and told us what entrance to use to get into the sewer. The entrance was in a park shaded by trees, and we found tracks indicating the vampire had come out, gotten a bag from under the trees, and then returned to the sewers.

We descended to the sewers and found a mix of tracks. It appeared the red court vampire we knew came from the north paced there for awhile, met someone heavier coming from the south. This seems to have calmed the guy we were hunting, and each headed off through the sewer in their respective direction. We went south after the red court vampire and eventually caught up to him in Royal Oak and fought him in the sewers.

It started with our “great hunter” tripping a grenade trap and getting himself and Cynthia hit by it. At the same time Bearwalker heard the vampire down the way and shapechanged into a raven and followed the vampire cawing to guide the crew. The vampire stopped and shot at him and slipped into the sewer flow. There he floundered and burned off his flesh mask in the energy of the flow of the sewage. Glen started shooting, and Bearwalker returned to human form and tried to keep the vampire in the flow. Sadly, the vampire leapt out of the sewage and tried to bite Bearwalker, but luckily Hattori jumped into action just then and managed to block the vampire from biting Bearwalker. Tess came up and soaked the vampire in holy water, causing him to burst into a final burst of flames.

We found $100,000, 2 changes of clothes, clean coat, several auto, semiauto guns, and grenades in the vampires bag. All bullets were cop killers. Glen and Cynthia took most the guns, Hattori took an unmarked Uzi. Hattori, Tess, and Bearwalker each took $33,000 and kept $1,000 for Lars. A few bullets were taken, but Cynthia asked for them to be destroyed, and Bearwalker put them in his entropic shield and then swept the remains into the sewer. Ended about 5:30.

We went back north to follow the heavy tracks and then suddenly they disappeared. If he disappeared into the Never Never, he was more powerful than me since all traces were gone by then and he opened it near the influence of the water, or he wasn’t something that had to cast.

What goes bump....

Thursday night, ~9:30pm, October 13th, 2011

 The group all met up at about the same time at an abandoned house located near the corner of Collingwood St & Byron St in the City of Detroit. 


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